# What is Sealer?

# Introduction

Sealer[ˈsiːlər] provides a new way of distributed application delivery which is reducing the difficulty and complexity by packaging Kubernetes cluster and all application's dependencies into one Sealer Image.

We can write a Kubefile, and build a Sealer Image, then using a Clusterfile to run a Sealer Image.

Kubefile: a file that describes how to build a Sealer Image.

Sealer Image: like docker image, and it contains all the dependencies you need to deploy a cluster or applications(like container images, yaml files or helm chart).

Clusterfile: a file that describes how to run a Sealer Image.

# Awesome features

  • Simplicity: Packing the distributed application into ClusterImage with few instructions.
  • Efficiency: Launching the k8s-based application through ClusterImage in minutes.
  • Scalability: Powerful cluster and image life cycle management, such as cluster scale, upgrade, image load, save and so on.
  • Compatibility: Multi-arch delivery Supporting. Such as AMD, ARM with common Linux distributions.
  • Iterative: Incremental operations on ClusterImage is like what container image behaves.